welcome glass art jewelry and paintings by Patsy Evins

Welcome to Patsy Evins’ world of breathtaking, artisan flame sculpted, Glass Art Jewelry of flora and underwater wonders. She magically transforms liquid molten glass into exquisitely Fine Art Flowers and mystical Ocean Life. She then forms them into enchanting adornments that will make you feel exquisitely beautiful when you wear them.  

Whether you possess Evins’ glass artwork as wearable fine art jewelry or as fine glass art to collect and display in your home, her pieces will excite your senses and bring a forever lasting joy into your life.

Evins uses many creative art mediums to express the magnificent world around her. You can surround yourself with her healing infused, brightly hued art on canvas when you collect Evins’ award winning Fine Art Paintings.

Fine Designer Jewelry Glass Flowers Weave


“You’ll feel beautifully uplifted every time you

wear my exclusive Glass Art Jewelry!”

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