Artfire vs Etsy

Artfire vs Etsy: Did you know they are as different as night and day!


Would you like to learn the differences? You can sell on both for different reasons.

The truth is … It’s really not Artfire vs Etsy at all, but rather which one meets you needs at the moment.

 I read a great article on Rena Kingenberg’s blog site by Tony Ford, co-founder of Artfire. Finally, I understood how Etsy, Artfire, Ebay and other sites work.

3 Types of Sales Platforms : ArtFire vs Etsy vs Cart Software

1. Auction/destination sites

  Basically, there were two types of sales sites on the internet that sold handmade things before Artfire. The first type is like Ebay or Etsy which is an auction/destination site.

 You pay for traffic through small charges, (listing fees, re-listing fees, commissions, etc). These fees can add up quickly but, the thinking is, you get more exposure the more you pay into their system.

Pros… The company gives you instant setup, maintains and manages your site for you.

 Con…The problem here is how to not get buried by the mass produced products, who have tons of money to advertise.

 Con… According to Tony Ford, these sites “…practice something called “price obfuscation”. That is to say, 20 cents at a time doesn’t seem like much until the end of the month.”

 (Well, I went and looked up “obfuscation” and Wikitionary says the word means… “the concept of concealing the meaning of a communication by making it more confusing and harder to interpret.” Hhhmmm…I do find it very hard to figure out how things work on Etsy!)

  2.Cart Software

 The other type of site is “cart” software like one would have on their own website.

 Pros…You have complete control over your site and sales. And you are promoting YOUR site and not the service company site when you advertise.

Cons… It used to cost me over $100 a month to maintain my cart and I had to do all the advertising.


Ford says they tried to bridge the gap with ArtFire…

 “We offer a low cost set of cart tools with some built in traffic, all for a reasonable and transparent cost.” They take no commissions.


But to gets sales on ArtFire means you are responsible for most of the spending of time and money marketing your own brand and creating traffic to your shop.


The Dilemma

 The main problem is it’s easier for Etsy & Artfire to market to large groups of shoppers who are looking for glass beads, silver finding etc. than small, individuals with specialized niches, like glass lampwork fine art flowers.

So it’s not really ArtFire vs Etsy but instead the responsibility of sellers to educate themselves how to market & brand themselves.

ArtFire’s Tony also said they have lately seen a huge increase of their sales coming from social media…

 “Running a strong Facebook fan page, Twitter or Tumblr account that publishes useful content (don’t just push your product) drives sales.”

What do I do?

 I write valuable content on my blog posts and then publish them on my Pinterest, FB, twitter, Google+ and about 30 other social media sites.

 The more blog posts I write with great SEO and syndication to social media sites, the more traffic will come to my blog site. The more eyes that see my site, the greater chance I have at selling my glass art and tutorials.

 We now know it’s not Artfire vs Etsy but what you are doing to market yourself.

 You can not depend on Etsy to promote you because their biggest priority is  promoting themselves and their biggest sellers.

Why? Because the big sellers are spending the most money marketing themselves with Etsy. People who worry about ArtFire vs Etsy are missing the boat!

 It’s our responsibility to market ourselves!

 We have to start seeing our business like any brick and mortar business. We have to invest in our education of learning how to market on the internet.

 ArtFire vs Etsy vs My Blog Site

 What do I use Etsy and ArtFire for? I’d rather put all my energy & advertising money building my blog site instead of building Etsy.

 But I do use Etsy & Artfire for…

 1. Exposure and to boost my link juice to my blog posts.

 2. I also like to use ArtFire as my cart where I can send people to look at my beads, tutorials and purchase.

 If I send them to Etsy to buy, it does cost me a lot more money than Artfire.

 Learning to empower ourselves by learning marketing strategies makes the issue of ArtFire vs Etsy a non issue.

All my best!




What do you do to market yourself online? Share 1 thing that works for you in the comments below?

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etsy vs artfire lampwork beads

Click the fish for a closer look on Artfire.

artfire vs etsy lampwork beads

Click the fish for a closer look on Artfire.


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Wanna learn more about ETSY?… click here… Etsy Top Sellers

Etsy Top Sellers and how you can be one, too!?

Etsy Top Sellers…You may not want to be one.


Wanna know why?

Let’s start off by analyzing your competition.


If you head over to Craft Counts  I think you’ll realize that Etsy’s not the Etsy you thought it was. And you probably don’t want to be part of that Etsy Top Sellers group!


Craft Counts keeps a running track on all the people making the money on Etsy. The main categories for Etsy top sellers are…  Top of all categories, Handmade, Vintage and Supplies.


Well, it looks like Etsy has diversified but at least Handmade is still there.


But, if you look at the 10 Etsy top sellers for handmade, they are all production work. You’ll find buttons, t-shirts, soap, prints, makeup, baby stickers and head bands.


Where’s the Etsy I joined 5 years ago?


The Etsy  that was started to give artisans exposure has vanished. It’s big business now and we’ve got to wise up and realize Etsy is not looking out for us!


In 2008, Etsy had 120,000 shops and now estimates are up to 850,000 Etsy shops  as of March, 2013. Lots of argument about how many, so you’re welcome to read the article.

Etsy Top Sellers: Time to wake up and face reality!


Even in the Category of Lampworking, most are production artists.


Don’t get me wrong, some of these lampworkers have great stuff and I know some personally. I admire them but I went that route for 4 years… it was grueling and it almost killed my body.


I was going to the chiropractor twice a week and was in pain all the time!


So what’s an creative artist to do?



Truth is…We’ve got to start learning how to market for ourselves if we want to be successful! We need to think outside the box!


First of all, Let’s just forget about the Etsy Top Sellers.


I read a really good article by Linda Blackbourn   about what 5 things you can do to stand out in that crowd on Etsy.


1.  Things like photos to help people imagine your work as 3-D, using a live model is a great idea!


2. Having a similar theme through out your whole store that tells your story…what makes your work special.


If you’ve been buying my tutorials… I drilled you with exercises to find your uniqueness. I wasn’t just blowing hot air at you! Go back and do those exercises!


3.  When Etsy went to Relevancy it gave us a fighting chance to get noticed. But you have to learn to think like the customer who’s looking for your item. Use those words in your title and description.


When Etsy went with Relevancy, they started working with Google and SEO. You’ve got to dig in and learn it!  I talk about SEO in my business posts.


4. Inject your personality! People buy stories! They want to know you and trust you. Weave your stories around all your work.


5.  This article recommends blogging!

Why? What better way for your customers to get to know you?


Blogging and videoing creates the personal contact you need to sell your jewelry, beads or services!

All my best!


*******Leave a comment below how you feel about Etsy??? If you are making money…share 1 tip with others how you are doing it.*******

etsy & lampwork beads

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Silver glass flower set

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