Double Helix Glass Striking Secrets


Today, it’s all about Double Helix glass and how I strike it!


This video shows the way I strike Double Helix glass…specifically Terra Nova 2…

About the Double Helix glass demo!

Duplicating an exact color or look is hard to achieve because you have to perfectly repeat how you do it. If you do lots of beads, the way you do it will become a habit and much easier to control the outcome.


I find Silver glass is similar to borosilicate, in that there is a certain degree of surprise in the final color that comes out of the kiln.


Here are some things you need to become aware of and control to reproduce the colors you want in silver glass:

Variations in silver glass color results are affected by such conditions as…

  • What color you use as your base bead
  • The degree of time your strike the Double Helix glass
  • How hot you strike the glass (where you hold it in the flame)
  • How many times you strike the glass
  • How thick you apply the silver glass to the bead
  • If you encase the Silver glass
  • How long you work the Silver glass
  • How large the bead is


I wanted to make sure you saw the true colors, so I’ve added pictures below.

glass lampwork bead silver glass

Different views.
Left is demo bead.


glass lampwork beads

Center bead is where I heated the silver glass once.
Right bead is mixing Terra Nova 2 and dense black.


glass lampwork beads

Center bead…this is where I spot heated the bead a couple of times.
Left bead was demo bead.






TIP***I didn’t get into talking about mixing silver glasses in my video but I tend to mix the striking glasses as well.***


I like applying them as I would use paint, mixing and blending colors. The only thing is it is frustrating not being able to see the finished result or true colors until after you have annealed the beads.


TIP***Another thing I wanted to talk to you was how I use mashers or metal pliers with the Double Helix glass.***


I like bringing the glass to a molten stage and then pressing it with a metal tool. This produces an instant cooling, which creates intense colors with the silver glass.


TIP… I think silver glass striking techniques are very similar to the Raku orange techniques. They both react to intense heat and I tend to work them the same.




How I video my demos…

I’ve been asked how I video my demos. I used the “YouTube Capture App” to video this demo. It saved me about 3 hours not having to upload it iMovie on my computer!  I give you detailed directions on my blog post...How to Vlog with iPhone. It’s really easy and you can video and upload to YouTube anywhere…you just need your iPhone or similar type of phone!*********


Any questions about Double Helix glass and striking silver glass?? Ask away!


Patsy  :)


Wanted to show you what I do with silver glass

glass lampwork bead tropical fish

“Tropic Native” Click on fish for closer look!


 glass lampwork bead fish



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Lampwork Tutorials- How To Make Bubbles in Glass

 My video demos 4 different lampwork tutorials that I use to make bubbles in glass.

Each one creates a different effect in your bead.


Each of these bubble lampwork tutorials has been picked up from my exploring glass from different areas of glass making.


When I lived in Georgia, I would go up to Ashville’s Mountain Glass and take classes from borosilicate glass makers. They taught lampworking but their background was in borosilicate glass which uses different techniques.

Many of these guys learned how to work with glass and made a living  through the avenue of scientific glass blowing. They had 9-5 jobs making glass products like flasks, bottles and perfectly designed specialty glass equipment that sold to laboratories and other scientific outlets.


But at night they made water pipes/bongs to make extra money, being it was in the 80′s and marijuana was being explored.


Today, making water pipes has elevated to an art form, with it’s own collector base to support it.

glass water pipe

Gorgeous Water Pipe above.


Frog Bubbles Lampwork Tutorial

The first of my lampwork tutorials uses a FROG or Kenzan, that you can buy from an florist outlet. Just Google them.


When you purchase one, make sure the base is metal because some bases are covered in a green plastic to blend with the flower’s stem. Fire Hazard for us lampworkers!




Using a ‘frog’ really can open up new exploration for your bead making.


Tip…If you like perfection and flawless space bubbles, try using the frog on one side of the bead so you don’t disfigure the bead as much as when you apply the holes over the entire bead.


***One thing I want to point out in my demo…notice how my glass sticks to the frog for a second. That’s because the frog was still hot. I needed to let the frog cool more before I pierced the molten glass again with the spikes.


The same goes for the tungsten pick. If it starts sticking to the glass, just cool it by submerging it in some water.


Watch the demo here…

I learned tons from those boro guys in my early training that I have incorporated into my glass lampworking techniques.


Explore these 4 bubble lampwork tutorials.  Be creative.


  1. What new ways can you use the techniques that no one else has tried?
  2. What other everyday objects can you use to create bubbles in a bead?
  3. Try using some different elements such as dichroic glass, silver glass, silver leaf, frits, powders and baking powder with these techniques
  4. What if you created bubbles close to the surface of the bead… what surface texture could you create with that technique?


Think outside the Box with each of these lampwork tutorials!



Enjoyed these Bubble lampwork tutorials???….I appreciate a Thumb’s Up! Thanks!  :)


Happy Torching!

Patsy :)


click on the SEA WORLD for a closer look!lampwork glass sea world

Check out that cool Bubble in this Sea World above! I Demoed how to make it in the above Bubble lampwork tutorials!




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Glass Cane Ribbon Technique You’re Gonna LOVE!

Striped ribbon stringers and what the others call ribbon glass cane, is the topic for today.


There’s lots of uses for them but I find these flat ribbon glass cane/stringers are wonderful to use on flower petals and leaves.


Learn how to make them on this video…. “Caneworking is a glass blowing technique that is used to add intricate patterns and stripes to vessels or other blown glass objects,” according to Wikipedia.


I think you can spend a whole career just on perfecting glass cane alone and many Italians families have developed unique designs of glass canes, down through history.



These simple to complicated decorative stringers can be called by a lot of names…

Fancy Latticinos are striped stringers/canes using clear and colored stringers that you twist. You can buy them by the name of filigrana rods, but they are

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Making Glass Jewelry By Weaving

Today is about making Glass Jewelry made with my artistic weaving techniques.


Making glass jewelry with lampwork beads creates the ultimate in exclusive, high end jewelry. It will appeal to discriminating customers who are looking for fine art in jewelry.


Deena asked, in the comments, if I could demo how to use wire to make a pendant with flowers and leaves.


So here’s some of my basic wire techniques to design a gorgeous pendant. I’ll be using lampwork flowers and leaves from my Tutorial 103, to inspire those of you who have purchased the tutorial to light up and get torching!


Watch my demo making glass jewelry here!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section.


@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Doing this video got me thinking about why I love this wire weaving

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Glass Flower Beads Tut: Stop Petal Breakage!


Today my video with show you my best tips on how to stop petals on your glass flower beads from breaking.

Interested in buying my Fabulous Flower tutorials? Find them here… My Tutorials

Glass Flower Bead Tip #1

I’m sure you’ve been told the more you torch, the more you get the feeling for the glass…but seeing is very important, too.

Learning the different shades of color glass goes through, as it cools, is a great indication for when it needs to be warmed up again.

Here’s a little experiment to help you learn the perfect time to pop your glass flower bead in the kiln.

Heat up a gather of glass, put it under your work table and watch it while the gather cools. It will go through a yellow, then orangy and finally red glow. The rule of thumb is

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How Do I Make My Glass Beads?

So many people ask me…How do you make your Glass Beads?

I’ll share a few of my secrets with you!

I love making glass beads or as I call them…Art Forms in Glass.

Did you catch it? It’s my first biggy secret!

Learning to think about my glass as art forms literally change how I approach making my glass beads.

How does one make glass beads?

What you create in glass is a reflection of who you are as a human being.

Have an intention of putting your heart and soul into a piece of glass that will probably last longer than you live.

Your children or people who love your art will have your beads as mementos of you, just the way paintings, quilts and other handmade art are treasured by generations to come.

How do you make glass beads that are an unique expression of

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Luscious Lampwork Flower Beads With Silver & Gold Fuming

Luscious Lampwork Flower Beads

I’ve taught you how to Silver and Gold fume in my FREE video tutorials. Have you tried these lampwork techniques? If not, check around on my blog for all the Free training on silver & gold fuming.

Today, I want to entice you to light up your torch and try these fabulous fuming techniques.

I’ve got some luscious lampwork flower beads in this video that I silver & gold fumed. Videoing them outside in natural sunlight really shows the iridescence of the fuming. You’ll be amazed how beautiful the lampwork flower beads look fumed!


You’ve got the FREE fuming tutorials on my blog and many of you have my lampwork flower beads Tutorial 103 that I used to do 3 of these flowers. If you don’t have it… you can grab it here…Tutorial 103


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Pinterest and Artists: Why’s It’s a Perfect Match

glass lampwork bead flower

We’ve talked about Pinterest before…Are you pinning on Pinterest yet?


Here’s some really great ways to share your work on Pinterest.


1. Think of Pinterest as your Art Gallery store and people are coming in to visit you every day.

What are you going to show them?

You want to show them everything…ALL YOUR WORK, no matter where it is on the internet. You’re using Pinteret as your one stop shopping place for shoppers to get to know you and your art. You’re unlimited with Pinterest to show images, videos, links and talk about you and your art.

Walk them around your gallery and show them all your work. Think about the Pinterest boards as rooms in your gallery. Make each board a type of art you create, videos about you and your art, even a board for your resume and bio.

2. Use Pinterest

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Lampwork Beads: How to Do Gold Fuming On Soft Glass

Hey guys, we’re exploring the delights of shiny with Gold Fuming glass lampwork beads today.

I’m make this an action packed blog post, filled with lots of goodies for you to watch and enjoy learning.

Let’s get going…Gold fuming glass lampwork beads…

The first video has my demo beads and instructions. Be sure to watch to understand more clearly what I’m doing as I demo the gold fuming technique in my 2nd video. It also has some tips you need to know. Watch here…

This second video has me demoing the Gold Fuming technique and then how to combine Gold Fuming with Silver Fuming on lampwork beads. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Just a few details to point out to you…

1. Do a few practice fuming without a bead so you can just concentrate on seeing the fuming process and how the flame changes. It doesn’t show

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Unique Beads: How You Can Stand Out From The Crowd


Unique Beads…How to create them?


Let’s talk about creating unique beads that are one of a kind & you!


You’ve learned tons of silver techniques that you can be incorporating into your beads. But the secret is to spend time exploring each of these silver techniques until you have mastered them.

I spent about 6 months working with the silver techniques until I felt comfortable using them. I did explore techniques of other artists’ beads but I stayed away from duplicating their designs.

In college, the “old masters painting method” was to study the masters by physically copying their painting. In this way you were able to discover how they did their techniques. If you can really understand a technique… it becomes part of you. Then you work hard to develop you own style with

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